Our Story

The Story of Mr Pure Water …. Well let me see …. It was back in 2002 when we were holidaying in beautiful Coffs Harbour and saw a Water Filling Station in a Fruit and Veg shop.  We thought to ourselves …WOW, what a fantastic idea!  Being able to buy brilliant quality drinking water at an amazingly low price!  We had been buying purified drinking water from the supermarket and paying a whole lot more for it.  So from that moment on we began purchasing our water from the Water Filling Station.

However, not only did we use the Water Filling Station whilst we were on holidays, but we actually decided to bring this fantastic concept back home with us and share it with our local community.  And so we did!

Mr Pure Water had its first Water Filling Station located in North Albury in 2003.  From there we have also placed Water Filling Stations in Springdale Heights, East Albury, Central Albury, Central Wodonga and North Wodonga.

We have also extended out to surrounding districts such as Jindera, Howlong, Corowa, Yarrawonga & Mulwala and continuing to expand, so many more people may have access Mr Pure Water.

Our interest and passion for the pursuit of good quality drinking water, that is actually nourishing and not harmful for your body, began long before that.   We have for some time been studying and researching all aspects of health and the effects of water, food and the environment on the human body.

Having had health challenges within our own family had led us on this journey.  It is amazing how God can use all of our circumstances in life and turn them around for good.  The ‘University of Life’ becomes a wonderful platform for growth if we allow it to be!

Where was I … Yes, that’s right … the discovery of the need for clean, healthy purified drinking water to enable us to live healthy, vibrant lives and how this affects all areas of our lives from our personal well-being, work and relationships.  Health gives us the ability to live our lives with clarity and purpose.

From the Water Filling Stations to Delivered Water … one of our very happy customers asked us to deliver water to his work place, so we took up the challenge and this is how the Water Delivery arm of our business started.

Low and behold, the very same customer asked us to build him a Water Filtration System for his home, and so we rose to the challenge again and did so!

Again, another request was made, this time to provide small 600ml water bottles …  and so our Private Label Water bottle range was launched.

Water Filling Station

From there, we have opened an online store supplying customers Australia Wide with high quality Water Filtration Systems and water related supplies.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Carmen, Martin & Team