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Thank you for your interest in our latest (and very exciting) new product range of Private Labelled Water Bottles.

We’ve been passionate about water for more than 14 years with a wide range of products including:
Water Filling Stations, Delivered Water, Water Filtration Systems and accessories.

With that depth of experience we are thrilled to be offering you our new, innovative product.
The idea of having your very own personalised private labelled water bottle really is something. Imagine having your own business, logo, brand, organisation, charity (or any message really) on a bottle of spring water!

You can either give the water bottle away purely as a marketing tool or sell the product and actually make money on your advertising! It’s great for marketing, branding, promotions, fundraising, special events and expos.

You’ve probably already figured out the benefits of having your own private labelled water, just let me add a few:
Impress your clients, promote your brand rather than someone else’s, stand out in the crowd, It’s advertising you can actually make money on!

Specifications as follows:

Pallet Bottle Quantity: 1512

Bottle & Lid: 100% recyclable high quality plastic

Label Size: 70 x 170
Label Colour: Full colour photo quality, as many colours as you require
Label Material: 100% fully water proof high gloss, high quality polypropylene
Label Graphics: Professionally designed high quality graphics

Water Source: 100% Premium Pure Australian Spring Water from the Southern Highlands.

Packaging: Shrink Wrapped in convenient packs of 12

 Your company logo on personalised private labelled water bottles.

We believe this is a fantastic marketing tool, a great way to promote and advertise your own business or organisation rather than promoting someone else’s. Where else do you actually make money on advertising!! We are passionate about promoting and empowering small business!

We are NOT just another water bottling company, this is ALL about promoting YOU! By the way our water is great too!

Call or email for pricing: 0400 172 173

Have a great day!

Carmen & Martin and Team

This website is to assist our local Albury Wodonga customers. Mr Pure sells Australia wide via their online storeWhen you click on this link you will be taken to the e-store website: Servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide  and Darwin